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What dramatic difference can you make that costs your company less than your morning latté?


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Why eLocalCafe?

Our experience in multi-media advertising gives us the advantage of understanding working with customers, marketing towards target groups, and utilizing technology and media to drive leads. Whether you have 1 location or 1 trillion, eLocalCafé understands the importance of personally managing each listing on Google Places & Yahoo! Local. You won’t catch us performing "bulk uploads"!

Are you a large corporation? Great! Because we have you covered. We understand tedious, time consuming work it takes to manage online listings for all of your locations.

Our client portal will ease your tensions and make it easy for all levels of your team to have access to your online listings. We continually work on improving your business listings. We research new keywords and track search trends related to your business.

eLocalCafé does not charge a huge startup fee. In fact, we don’t charge a startup fee at all! We offer fixed rate local listing management plans for Google Places and Yahoo! Local with no hidden fees or additional charges.

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We help insure that you…

Local Internet Advertising

• Google and Yahoo! have created specific sections in their search results dedicated to brick and mortar businesses. Google Places and Yahoo! Local pay tribute to local companies by presenting their business listings in relevant searches. On a monthly basis each search engine has over 170 million unique visitors performing over 10 billion searches on Google and over 2.5 billion searches on Yahoo! (

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IIt is estimated that 60% of all internet searches are local (ex. Bike Shop San Diego, CA). With such high local search volumes it is essential for your business to take advantage of the services provided by eLocalCafé. We help you become more visible online and attract more customers that are actively searching for your services and products.

eLocalCafé provides Google Places and Yahoo! Local with the most prevalent information about your business, enhanced and specifically formatted to boost listing performance.

Generate more traffic and give your website more authority! Your local internet listings and your website are the definition of a symbiotic relationship. Enhanced listings provide a direct route to your website, while the content of your website supports your listings' rank in search results.

Greater visibility + Increased Activity = More business!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Story

What started all this?

One evening , quite late, while working on this initial business service, a picture of a beautiful latté appeared in a text message.

The note with the latté said thinking of you, wish you were here. Here, it turns out, was a charming café in Sausalito, California. The message was from a lovely couple on their honeymoon. While we laughed and said they probably don't really wish we were there, it did spark an idea for the name of the service upon which we were working.

Thus, eLocalCafé was born.

Our thought behind the company name is "How can we provide great advertising for our customers for less than the cost of a daily latté?"

Our idea was to provide companies a way to stay in the advertising game - particularly on the Internet, in a very cost effective way.

If you have "bricks and morter" locations, then doing an outstanding job on Google Places and Yahoo!Local is in your best interest.

our story

We appreciate hearing what you're thinking

Please feel free to contact us anytime to have eLocalCafé setup your business listings on Google Places & Yahoo! Local.

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